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Updated June 30, 2013 Reviews Nashville

Nashville, Tennessee, known to many as Music City, has a rich art and music culture. Lovers of country music can truly immerse themselves in the culture and history of the music. Nashville has more to offer than country music -- the city has amazing historic sites, diverse art, and plenty to keep the children entertained.


Those that travel to Nashville will discover that the city is dubbed Music City for a reason. Country music has a deep and constantly evolving presence in the city, but music lovers will find much more than just country music. The city has played a roll in the development of some of the United State's best-known musical artists.

Nashville's Music City Walk of Fame is a great place to start your musical adventures. The Music City Walk of Fame lies on the Music Mile, which connects downtown Nashville and Music Row. The Walk of Fame honors people who have made significant contributions to the music industry within Nashville, including Elvis Presley, Dolly Parton, and Jimi Hendrix. Each person is honored with a plaque on the Walk of Fame.

Also along Music Mile is the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. At the Hall of Fame you can learn about important figures in the history of country music as well as all about the history of country music in the United States. From the Country Music Hall of Fame, you can enjoy fantastic views of downtown Nashville.

Nashville has many opportunities to listen to live music. From country to rock to classical, you will find great performances throughout the city. Visitors can even catch a showing of a musical biography of the King at the Texas Troubadour Theatre.

Nashville is also the home of the Grand Ole Opry, the world's longest-running radio show. The Grand Ole Opry was first broadcast in 1925 and is now a live show, featuring both country music legends and the newest up-and-coming country artists.

The General Jackson Showboat is a great venue for live entertainment. This historic paddleboat, the largest riverboat in the country, offers fabulous dinner cruises. During the holiday season the riverboat features special holiday shows.


Nashville's history goes far beyond its musical history. James Robertson founded the city in the 1700s. Today, history buffs can visit (replica) Fort Nashborough to learn about the earliest settlers of Nashville.

Nashville also has many different plantations and civil war era buildings where visitors can learn about life in Nashville during that time period. The Historic Carnton Plantation is a great example of one of Nashville’s old mansions. Carnton Plantation became a field hospital in 1864, and today visitors can see the confederate cemetery on-site.

Visitors to Nashville can also tour The Hermitage, the home of Andrew Jackson, the seventh president of the United States. This mansion was built in 1837; today guides dressed in period costumes greet visitors to the mansion. On the 1,120-acre ranch, visitors can learn about the lives of slaves living on the farm as well as tour historic buildings and restored gardens. In addition, visitors can see the final resting place of the president and his wife.

Discover Nashville Today

The Music City has much more to offer its visitors than just music and history. Its culture is vibrant and can introduce visitors to great food, stunning art, and good times. The Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park in Nashville has an interesting 200-foot granite map of Tennessee for people interested in learning about the state. The park also has a walkway that features the state's 95 counties, with 31 fountains representing the state's main rivers.

Nashville also has many options for enjoying the visual arts in unique venues. You can tour the exhibit at Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum of Arts or head to the Frist Center for the Visual Arts, one of the city's amazing art galleries. Frist has exhibits of art from local to international artists. Its exhibits are continually changing, but no matter when you arrive in Nashville you are guaranteed to see an exhibit that speaks to you.

Family Fun
Children will have a fabulous time in Nashville as well. The city is a great destination for a family getaway. Families can visit the Adventure Science Center and see the new planetarium or play on the water slides at Nashville Shores. The city also has a great zoo, the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere.

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